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MGraving ~ The Artistry of Mike Morgan

Welcome to my website…. I would like you to consider this site to be your personal tour of the work that I do, and hopefully serve as an introduction to the world of custom engraving.  For me, engraving and other forms of adornment has the power to elevate relatively ordinary items into the realm of high art, and the entire concept is really compelling to me.

One of things I love most about engraved items, is that you are adding ornamentation to an otherwise ordinary object. The embellishment increases the likelihood of these items being around for centuries.

Thanks so much for stopping by to take a look, and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Mike Morgan ~ Engraver

Completely Custom

People have asked if I have a book of patterns from which to choose, but I do not work in that way.  I often discuss ideas with the client, but ultimately I will create a fully bespoke pattern that optimally utilizes the canvas on which I’m working.

All of the work I do is especially designed for my clients, and each engraving is wholly unique.  While there may be similarities, I do not repeat, reuse or recycle any of my designs from customer to customer.






One of things I love most about engraved drums, firearms, knives, rings, watches or anything, is that you are adding ornamentation to what would otherwise be ordinary garden variety objects.  The simple addition of this esthetic embellishment increases the likelihood of these items being around for centuries.  It could get discovered 50, 60, 70 years later; many engraved items are discovered centuries later!  You know those objects are special the second you look at one.  It just resonates that somebody put so much extra effort into it.  Now there is a desire is to maintain or restore and preserve it, not to part it out or send it to a landfill.  Any engraved items, especially modern ones, can last for hundreds of years. 

By adding ornamentation, it’s no longer about a simple item, but more so an idea and esthetic.  It becomes instantly more precious.  Ornamentation is about taking an object that is relatively commonplace and turning it into something that someone, unknown to us and hasn’t even been born yet, will look at in 100 years and immediately cherish.


I specialize in incision style hand engraving. I am available to work on Musical Instruments, Firearms, Personal Effects, and Architectural Details, as well as framed art pieces.  I will work directly with consumers, as well as large and small manufacturers.


Working in the area of consumer product design, I have manufactured and commercialized dozens of products resulting in sales which have exceed 5 million dollars in the last decade.  I can help bring scaleability expertise to your team.


I have nearly 50 years of professional experience.  Proficient at Drum Kit, Orchestral Percussion, Mallets, Mandolin and Highland Bagpipes.  I am available for sessions and substitutions on short notice.


Having worked with the Office of Naval Research and the U.S. Department of Energy, I am experienced in Project Management, Team Building, Business to Business Outreach, Conference/Event  Design & Execution, and market research.  I also have extensive experience with custom created Focus Groups and new product marketability research.





Don’t hesitate to contact me. 

I would be happy to discuss your project or answer any questions you may have about ordering a custom engraving.  Please use this form to reach-out to me so we can arrange for  a no-obligation consultation.

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