My Christmas Wish


Every day, people wake up with a list of wishes a mile long hoping that one day, they will all come true. By the end of that day they will head to bed knowing that when they awake once again, they will have, pretty much, the same list of wishes.

We all know that wishes rarely come true… so people learn to live in the reality that the things we wish for, are so very often the things that we must learn to live without.

For many people, Christmas Day is when wishes come true.

For the month leading up to the holiday, we all become a little less selfish. We all focus on the people that surround us and we consider, if only for a moment… “what is it that the people we love need, or want?”

What a glorious moment…

It’s our moment of empathy… it’s when we look beyond what we wish for, and consider the wishes of others!

When the day comes… we celebrate… we gather together and we celebrate our family and friends… and we give.

And it feels good.

I have a wish… and it’s a small one.

To fulfill this wish doesn’t cost any money and it doesn’t require a whole lot of effort.

I wish… that everybody that reads this blog takes a moment, each and every day, to consider the wishes of others… every day… for the rest of your life. I’m not asking you to spend a dime to fulfill anybodies wish… I’m asking you to become aware that everybody else wakes up with a long list of things that, just like your long list, will remain unfulfilled at the end of the day!

And if… BY CHANCE… you become aware of something that somebody else is wishing for… that you CAN help fulfill that wish… why not just go ahead and do that? I’m not asking you to reach in your pocket… I’m suggesting you reach into your heart… every day.

Don’t wait for people to ask for help. Open your heart and you will see when you are needed.  Sometimes a kind word is all that’s required, occasionally, hold open a door for a stranger with an arm load of stuff… become aware of your surroundings and you’ll see where you are needed.

We need Christmas to remind us that giving is good... for some people, Christmas is the only time they even consider doing things for others… and they get pretty grumpy because it’s expected of them to give of themselves… seek out these Scrooges and show ’em what it’s like to give… help them to understand the joy of giving.

We’ve heard about “Good Will Towards Men” haven’t we? If we ALL consider the needs of our fellow humans… well… HEY…. then we have a shot at peace on earth.

Peace on Earth starts right here… I’m talking to YOU… Not some other person reading this… Yes.. YOU… Consider this… what’s it going to cost you to do what I’m suggesting… Every day… for the rest of your life?

Not a thing…. It’s absolutely free.

And that is the Christmas miracle for which I have wished…

Let’s ALL go make some dreams come true…

Merry Christmas!