Hey look, kids... I have a website!


Well, I have finally succumbed to peer pressure and I now have a website for MGRAVING. I avoided this… made excuses… tried to hide behind being too busy… but the day finally came. It has become unavoidable.

Part of me didn’t want to admit that I needed it. But I was wrong. People need to actually see what I do if they ever going consider having it done for them. It’s asking way too much to say; “Imagine how good this would look if we pop a big ol’ arabesque scroll on there”!

Yeah, you get the idea… too much to ask.

Anyway, this website wouldn’t exist without the help of my friend Michael Curtiss… he built the site, and had the patience to instruct me on how to load the content. For days on end he’s been up at 3AM helping me out. He’s a pretty good guy, and smart too. He claims he doesn’t like building websites, yet he talked me into it.

If anybody needs a website, hit me up… I know a guy.