To hand engrave a custom pick guard with this much detail is a monumental undertaking, requiring several weeks of design, layout and actual engraving time. Every hair on her head is individually hand incised, all the detailing in the scrollwork and background is cut… one line at a time. The photographs of the progress should show you the amount of work that goes into creating a custom engraved item like this.

The process of engraving this starts with drawing freehand onto the metal with a .05 pen, once I am satisfied with the general layout, I cut the metal.

I started with the general outline in all the areas, then worked on the leaf structures, fine detail in the Pin-up girl including the ultra fine detail on her face and hair. Each Hair is engraved individually. I then move on to the background, then finally the shading is done. It’s incredibly time-consuming work, taking weeks to complete a single design, but the end result is a permanent engraving in the metal, which I then filled with ink to create the contrast you see.

This pick guard is a standard solid billet aluminum 11 hole HSS style that will fit USA MADE and MEXICAN Stratocasters.

If you have a theme or a request for a custom made version for your guitar, please feel free to contact me for details on making your musical instrument into a work of art!