On this drum, I pulled out all the stops.  I was handed a blank canvas, and I was given carte blanche to do whatever I wanted to do, and price was no object… that’s a really dangerous thing to tell me, by the way.

Starting with the shell, I decided to do an arabesque scroll design that melded into one version of the trick “T” logo, but I decided to embellish that logo with a full compliment of leaf and outline engravings as filler.  Once that was completed I added the “Trick Drums Chicago” using a classic engravers script.

I had Mike Dorfman send me a set of his tension lugs with no plating, and an un-plated GS007 snare throw-off as well.  These parts received the full treatment.

With the exception of the Chrome Plated rims and tension rods, absolutely every part of the drum is engraved. The engraving is further enhanced with ink contrast that really makes the details pop!

The price of work such as this is available by request, but be forewarned, the expense is not for the timid. This drum took in excess of 90 hours of engraving to complete.