When Sammi Jo Bishop ordered her new drum kit from TRICK as she joined the artist roster, she labored over the color of her kit… the sizes… the look of the setup… every little detail.  This was a big moment for her.  But one very big choice she made was to have a snare drum that was custom engraved specifically for her.

As I consulted with her about the pattern, she knew she wanted a Native American ‘feel’ to it, but she left the details up to me.  I decided on a repeating theme of dream catchers, and I really like the idea of a pin-up style likeness of her sitting on the edge of one of the dream catchers would be a fun detail.  The addition of her name engraved into one of the panels took things to the next level.

I’m waiting on more pictures of the completed drum, and I’ll post them here when they come in.